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Alexis Sandwich!

Happy Friday and Happy Grand Re-Opening!

Ok babes so I have missed you so much! I have been deep, deep behind the scenes trying to make the best contemporary romance novel / ebook store on the whole internet well, the best. Trying to make it fast, and pretty, and easier to use. Trying to get all the releases organized and covers ordered and get our emails and blogs set up.
Woo, life was different when I needed to write and do some social media.
Now I’m like behind the moment I wake up and start breathing lol. Ok so yeah I know I breathe while sleeping but you know what I mean!
So it is hard enough getting the site updated and figuring out what books are coming to the store when, writing my chapters, editing others.
I mean you can totally understand me telling IT Guy, hey, I need to let off steam. I always intended to have the Talk with him in private like as soon as I thought about it but this (last weekend) was fully intended to be letting off steam and not about having any serious talk AT ALL but babes.
Ever think maybe life says lol, middle finger, I do what I want?
I do because it all started with Natalie and Daphne inviting Aiden. Lana’s like uh yeah sure.
So then Lana’s like taking extra time to get ready and says she’ll meet us there.
Now I’m not one to leave my bestie behind but she was like, Lex, I keep looking at my outfit and thinking I’m trying too hard, or my makeup and think I am not trying hard enough. I’m going to moisturize and get some frizz outta my hair and meet you there when I finally feel like I can breathe without needing to do it into a paper bag. Hard to argue with that logic, amirite?
So I head out with Nat and Daph and Aiden and IT Guy, we get a big ol’ Uber and climb in.
I’m like, ok, so the store is going live tonight with it’s big Grand Re-Opening.
(I didn’t know Paige would text me almost immediately and be like hey we can’t go live yet.)
But she did. I was like god I have to go back. Paige calls me and tells me she’s going to figure this out but even if I came back I couldn’t help.
I’m like…ok.
Remember that part about how I am supposed to be relaxing?
Yeah not so much.
So we go to Hakkasan which is like if Terminator were an Asian restaurant but like so much cooler. All blue lights and sexy music and long leather menus with stuff I don’t know how to pronounce but like to eat lol.
And I sit down with IT Guy at the bar, and I need to go pee so I tell him to order me a lychee martini (they’re addictively good) and I remember how when I went here with WineBar, he used to eat my lychee.
Well speak of the devil…
I turn to go to the bathroom and I’m checking some texts from Paige about making the Daily Book Bargains category show the newest books first when a wall of man and I collide.
A man I haven’t seen a while with a woman who’s face I can’t easily forget.
WineBar, and that girl from FaceTime…the one I saw.
“Alexis, you,” he starts.
I raise my eyebrows and start to shuffle away.
“You haven’t met my sister,” he finishes.
My heart flutters.
But even so the dude straight up disappeared.
“No, I haven’t,” I say and give her a smile.
“Lovely meeting you,” his sister says.
And I’m like ready to panic, and I see Lana walk in.
IT Guy sees her and gets up with some drinks, heading towards our table.
Now I’m still standing verrrrry close to WineBar and IT Guy cuddles up real close and I think for a second if I need to write a tech bro versus wall street bro MFM rom com but then Lana just grabs me.
We rush off to the bathroom.
“I needed to deconstruct that Alexis sandwich,” Lana says.
And I can’t help but laugh.
How do these things happen to me????

So we have a new box set out today and it’s Single…For Now! Kinda like me, huh?

lol. It’s free in Angel Access!

We’ll be adding a whole lotta books to the store this weekend and all next week for a big Grand Re-Opening and we’ll be doing giveaways!

Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Alexis Sandwich!

  1. Ok first off, the store looks amazing.

    WineBar OMFG!!!
    His sister? Even she went along with it and introduced herself that way.
    I mean I know he’s done some dick moves but I can’t seem to get passed the thought of you and WineBar together again.
    I know you and IT Guy are solid but it’s always one of those things you think, what if?
    I know I’ll probably be blasted for saying that.

    Ok please don’t leave us hanging for too long. I desperately need to hear the rest of this 😘

  2. What is the “Kinda like me” comment about?
    Let us know what’s happening soon.

  3. Holy OMFG!! Only you girl! Lol!! Interested to see what happened next. Glad the store is back. I’ve been checking it out since your last post. Just poking around to see the new features. I’ll do more now and definitely take advantage of the sale!!
    Also, like a Heidi said, what’s the “Kinda like me” comment about? What a cliffhanger!

  4. Gotta luv Lana and her reasoning!

  5. I agree with don’t leave us hanging!! I get the history with winebar but IT guy has been there for you.

  6. LOVE the store!

    But wtf is this “single…kinda like Alexis” cliffhanger. Please let us know what happened after the bathroom evac. IT Guy? Is it over-over or just a time out?

    I love a good story as much as anyone but this cliffhanher is too much. 🙂

  7. Store looks great happy to have you back. As for the other- Remember we always want what we don’t have.

  8. Alexis, DO NOT DO THIS! You’re smarter than this. You will be kicking yourself, again. People DO NOT CHANGE and you’re just asking to be used and abused and cheated on and lied to again. We can all see it; why can’t you?
    Don’t make me give you a big, fat “I TOLD YOU SO!”

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