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Alexis is Sicker Than We All Thought :(

So Alexis is much sicker than we thought. IT Guy took her to the ER last night and they did some lab work. We’re waiting on results to see why she’s still not her usual self.

I’ve been making her chicken noodle soup and Natalie made sure she drank water.

Dirty Daddy is new in Angel Access, I just added it for you all babes.

Please pray for Alexis! I was reading her your comments and she’s so happy to hear from you. She misses you all and I have been writing down for her all her story ideas. She’ll be back.

We all know nothing keeps Alexis down!

Maybe she’ll wash her hands more often now.

Seriously though, thank you all for the kind comments and emails and messages. Alexis can’t wait to get back to writing books for you and to talking to you every day.

Love you Angels.

8 thoughts on “Alexis is Sicker Than We All Thought :(

  1. So sorry to hear Alexis is so poorly.
    Sending her tons of love and gentle (hugs) in the hope she feels better soon xx

  2. I’m praying for you Alexis. Keep drinking water and eating properly. IT guy, thank you for taking care of Alexis. Lana Natalie too!

  3. I am praying for Alexis and all of you. I hope the hospital will come back today with the results of all lab work and get her started on the road to recovery. IT Guy was very smart to realize the ER was where she needed to go and got her there. I do hope that none of you can get what she has. Please take care not only yourself but each other while Alexis is so sick and include IT Guy as well.

  4. Prayers coming your way, Alexis. Hope the lab work comes back with a minor illness that an antibotic can get rid of for you.

  5. Definitely praying she gets better soon. RonnSonja is right you all need to take care of yourselves as well.

  6. Lana, I am so sorry to hear she is not feeling any better and glad IT Guy took her to the emergency room. Prayers that they find out what is going on and get her back on the right track.

    Thanks for the update and please let her know that she, along with the rest of you, are in my thoughts and prayers <3

  7. Hope she feels better soon! Being sick sucks!

  8. Love ya Alexis. Praying for you.


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