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Oops, Cliffhangered.

Hey babes, so sorry for my ultra crazy cliffy omg so we were doing some updates on the blog and when I posted it wasn’t showing up right.
Obviously I’m back now. Can u hear me? Lol
So I’m trying to get my thoughts organized to make sure I tell it all in order.
First up I told IT Guy that I was late. He laughed. Then he looked at me and ran his hand over my thigh and said, “It’s probably nothing.”
I was like yeah.
He’s like, “yeah and don’t you think we’re just too young for that?”
My heart hits my stomach.
It seemed so… chill?
RIGHT NOW I HAVE NO CHILL! Not in that moment. I’m not happy, fun, carefree Alexis. Angel I was not. My halo was on fire hahahaha
Like. It made me mad. I know I haven’t been one to ultra commit but I like exploded. (which yeah babes u prolly saw in the email I’m like on a chocolate donut diet, I totally got my period and even Lana said I can be Alexis Angel and eat junk after last week haha)
I yell, “Oh we’re too young huh? We’re just like messing around?”
IT Guy’s mad. “We can’t have a kid right now. I mean I enjoy my time with you but things haven’t gotten that serious.”
It was like a punch to the gut.
“Seriously????!” like there was punctuation in my voice.
And then IT Guy hit a tire on the road (we were driving). It shook the car up and we were fine k but like it just added to the freakout.
I hadn’t responded to Winebar. I actually was just confused about why I heard from him. And I wasn’t going to our spot.
“This is the best time ever to bring this up but the other incredible guy in my life who can’t commit to me texted me.”
That was a heavy sentence. Like, again, Alexis Angel is fun. I didn’t wear my serious pants. I wore my black lace La Perla! What was going on???
IT Guy pulls into a parking lot.
“I didn’t text back.”
He says nothing.
“He wants me to meet up with him. I’m not going to.”
IT Guy says nothing.
“So Lana unblocked him from my phone. I reblocked him. But I wanted to tell you.”
I look to him. Still silent. What the hell?
“Alexis…” there’s a long pause.
I feel like he needs to say something.
“Lana says morning pee is best,” I blurt. “For a test. I’m doing it tomorrow.”
“Fuck, baby, I’m sorry. I just… I don’t know how fast I can move. Things are crazy at work. We’ve been doing whatever we’ve been doing and I want it to be serious. But the truth is you and I both work so much it was why we’ve worked out so much so far.”
I don’t know what to say that. Since when do I work a lot? Ok yeah the store keeps me busy. And that’s not the point.
“Alexis, I’m sorry. If you’re pregnant then we’re pregnant.”
“Stop,” I tell him. I don’t realize the words are coming out. “Just stop.”
“Lex,” he grabs my hand.
We look into each other’s eyes.
“No, we are too young,” I say, a little defeated. I mean I’ve been a little late before but it actually kinda seems like this is a more feasible time for me to like have a baby except for the part where I’m still building up the store. Like I’m not married. Or engaged.
Do I even want to be?
And if IT Guy just wanted to be with me because I was pregnant… it made me like sad.
“Let’s just go home,” I told him.
He stayed the night but we didn’t say anything. He held me all night and when I took the test he stood outside of the bathroom door.
“Lex.” He cracked his knuckles against the door. “I was married before. I was young. My wife…” He paused and I heard him struggle for words. “She died. We thought we should have kids but we were young and I just… I freaked out.”
I open the door to tell him I’m not pregnant and because I don’t want him to be alone.
“And I love you no matter what. It doesn’t matter what that stick says.”
“I love you too,” I tell him. “And I’m not pregnant.”
I search his face. There’s no relief.
Just love.
But this little tiff was like the first crack in something that’s been so good. It felt… weird like some magic left or something.
And even though WineBar’s an asshole and I don’t talk to him, it hurt to see his text. It made me feel raw again and this all happened. Alexis Angel and WineBar seemed like… the thing. The only thing that mattered. There’s like no one like him. Except he turned out to be probably the worst at relationships in the whole world and I write romance novels, shouldn’t Alexis Angel get a real HEA????
I’m not mad that Lana unblocked him.
He asked her too. She thought he might be my true love. She told me that she’s been waiting for him text ever since then and she wished she never unblocked him. Mistakes happen and Lana is like my sister like I’m not mad at all.
I just can’t believe last week omg!
So yeah sorry about the cliffhanger babes.
I’m back from the big serious place LOL and I’m helping Aiden plan to seduce Lana. Like maybe it’s the other way around who knows!!!!!!!
How was ur weekend?

10 thoughts on “Oops, Cliffhangered.

  1. Alexis sweetie. IT guy and you….swoon. This was just a bump in the road for the two of you. Don’t let this mess up what you guys have. Sounds like he was afraid to tell you about having been married. Maybe you guys need to talk about that some more.

  2. You and IT guy need to have an actual discussion about what you see for the future. If you really love him you will understand that he’s done marriage and she died. Be understanding of that past. Death causes a hole. And Wine bar can suck it. He didn’t treat you like the angel and queen you are and isnt worth your time.

    1. When did Lana unblock Winebar?

      Your current relationship seems so much healthier, just newish.

      This all sucks because it’s like you have to be more guarded in all your relationships.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! You’ve had a crazy time lately, Alexis may be you and IT guy should have “the talk”. I think that he really could be the 1, the love of your life, and hell screw winebar he’s a dick and lost a great girl, stick with IT guy you love each other, this is just a little bump for you guys xx

  4. Sending love and gentle (hugs).
    So sorry this all happened at once.
    You really do need to have a discussion with IT Guy….about what happened in the past, and where he sees your relationship going in the future.

  5. WineyBar… Closed book, NO look’n BACK!
    Okay… So, the HoneyMoon phase is OVER with IT Guy, & it’s Time for the Real Relationship to Grow!
    You do know that’s a good thing~ RIGHT! As, this is where you will BOTH dig into tour issues & share ALL those intimate things about your lives~ everything from the past present & future. AND, day by DAY you will grow closer & closer… if you keep the communication lines open & are honest with each other.
    Just look at this as a blessing & an opportunity to Grow! Change doesn’t have to be BAD, or Scary… it is the thing that keeps us moving forward in life; instead of allowing us to remain stagnate!
    Go forth & conquer!

    1. Also…
      THANKS for NOT leav’n us Hang’n on this ONE!
      I’d have died hav’n to wait for bits & pieces!

  6. I don’t see anything in here about Lana and Winebar in Paris.

    1. Oops my bad. Alexis mentioned in the email and I mentioned in my new blog post.

      I saw him in Paris and he asked me to unblock his number in Alexis’s phone if I saw her again… and I did.

      it was bad of me 🙁

      1. Thats kind of creepy that WB was in Paris the same time as you and Alexis. Almost stalkerish ( is that even a word lol)

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