Hey Angels!

Aiden’s got a new release on the store today and he was generous enough to add it to Angel Access as well.


So that’s fabulous babes but I need to interrupt interviews again to say that my big date update comes with a dilemma!

So let me tell you how it went and you’ll see what I mean.

Remember when I said that I was going to for sure get Aiden up to speed on some Naughty Angel books? I really didn’t just mean that as a come on.

It was fun.

A trip down a very sexy memory lane, reading Dark Angel books out loud… I started with The Virgin Market and I found myself being really honest with Aiden.

We’re sitting at a bar and he’s getting me tequila sunrise after tequila sunrise and I’m telling about how controlling things were with Mr. Lana Angel. How selfish he was. How much I wanted to live in a fantasy world.

“And now you create any fantasy you want?” Aiden asked.

Angels, it wasn’t a come on. It wasn’t a line.

He meant it and I am trying to catch my breath here.

“There’s something I need to tell you, Lana, and not just because I like you.” He inhales. “I like the store, too.”

I gulp, hands unable to steady on my tequila sunrise. I’m not toasted, I was just loose and having fun and I have this bad habit of putting my heart on my sleeve.

When I meet wonderful people like Alexis, it’s fine.

Others? They take advantage. Or they’re fine and I make a fool of myself.

Which is what I was afraid would happen.

But after a night of laughter and fun stories and even sharing dreams, Aiden leans in, slowly strokes my wrist.

Then he says it.

“I don’t think we can do this.”

I feel that sensation like when you’re falling in your dreams.

How can this be?

I want to scream out, you flirted with me!

But hey I flirted back.

But I just knew this was something else.

“The store.”

Those two words.

And it dawns on me.

“If something happens between us…” I start.

He finishes. “It could be bad for your store.”

“It’s your store, too,” I said calmly.

Aiden smiles. One of those heartbreakingly gorgeous smiles and I forget everything for a moment. Fuck.

He’s right.

Angels, if things went badly between us, that could be so bad.

So yeah there you have it.

So I need your help.

It’s our store.

It’s your store.

So it is totally bad if I go out on another date with Aiden? Rather… alI guess a first date?