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Aiden + Lana = Disaster?!

Hey Angels!

Aiden’s got a new release on the store today and he was generous enough to add it to Angel Access as well.


So that’s fabulous babes but I need to interrupt interviews again to say that my big date update comes with a dilemma!

So let me tell you how it went and you’ll see what I mean.

Remember when I said that I was going to for sure get Aiden up to speed on some Naughty Angel books? I really didn’t just mean that as a come on.

It was fun.

A trip down a very sexy memory lane, reading Dark Angel books out loud… I started with The Virgin Market and I found myself being really honest with Aiden.

We’re sitting at a bar and he’s getting me tequila sunrise after tequila sunrise and I’m telling about how controlling things were with Mr. Lana Angel. How selfish he was. How much I wanted to live in a fantasy world.

“And now you create any fantasy you want?” Aiden asked.

Angels, it wasn’t a come on. It wasn’t a line.

He meant it and I am trying to catch my breath here.

“There’s something I need to tell you, Lana, and not just because I like you.” He inhales. “I like the store, too.”

I gulp, hands unable to steady on my tequila sunrise. I’m not toasted, I was just loose and having fun and I have this bad habit of putting my heart on my sleeve.

When I meet wonderful people like Alexis, it’s fine.

Others? They take advantage. Or they’re fine and I make a fool of myself.

Which is what I was afraid would happen.

But after a night of laughter and fun stories and even sharing dreams, Aiden leans in, slowly strokes my wrist.

Then he says it.

“I don’t think we can do this.”

I feel that sensation like when you’re falling in your dreams.

How can this be?

I want to scream out, you flirted with me!

But hey I flirted back.

But I just knew this was something else.

“The store.”

Those two words.

And it dawns on me.

“If something happens between us…” I start.

He finishes. “It could be bad for your store.”

“It’s your store, too,” I said calmly.

Aiden smiles. One of those heartbreakingly gorgeous smiles and I forget everything for a moment. Fuck.

He’s right.

Angels, if things went badly between us, that could be so bad.

So yeah there you have it.

So I need your help.

It’s our store.

It’s your store.

So it is totally bad if I go out on another date with Aiden? Rather… alI guess a first date?

26 thoughts on “Aiden + Lana = Disaster?!

  1. The newsletter is great.

  2. Go out with him again.

  3. I received your newsletter today. Looked great. Love you guys. 😘 still thinking about how to respond to your blog post. Will get back to you.

  4. Honey, is the chemistry there to make you thing he might be more than just a hot, fun fling? If so, go for it! Grab on with both hands and see where the ride takes you, the store be damned. I mean, yeah it would suck working with someone that it didn’t work out with, but think of where it might lead….

    This is your life. Both of you need to agree the store is separate from the two of you dating or having a fling. As long as you know going in, then go for it.

  5. I agree with Aiden. Common sense must rule here, not flirtations

    1. Lana follow your heart and use your brain also! Now that’s a hard thing to do but you can do it. Look at Alexis and IT guy they are making it work. If this is just a fling then don’t get your heart involved. Is Asian the type to be with just one person or is he a player? Go from there!

    2. The news letter looked just fine to me. Now about your possibly going on a date. Doe it feel right to you? Is there the chemistry you are looking for? Do not sell yourself short.

  6. I received the newsletter and it was fine. I’m going to approach my advice like I would give to my daughter (she’s 28). Fooling around with a co-worker can go very bad, and then you still have to see each other and then people feel obligated to pick sides. It sounds like you already have a good friendship, so stick with that, with a little harmless flirting on the side. If you start to have “real feelings” for each other further down the line, then you can talk about it and possibly take it to the dating level. Or you can completely disagree with me. Just keep in mind, I’m old (54) and I’ve been around the block a few times. Good luck! I hope whatever you decide to do works out for you.

  7. I am sorry but I to must agree with Aiden. Common sense must rule here. Also, I received my email just fine and it looked great.

    1. Email looks great.

      Who says it has to be this serious relationship?

      So you both flirted and felt “a thing”.

      It could mean you have lots in common and can be great friends.

      It could mean you would make great friends with benefits.

      I think the fantasy you are writing in your head may have more substance than the actual relationship.

      But if you both feel like you want to forge ahead then yes you should. But yes, your store will suffer.

      Is it worth that possibility?

      1. Got the email.

  8. Alexis, I got the new format email today & it looks great.
    Lana, have fun & follow your heart….

  9. Let common sense prevail. Aiden has only been with NAP for a very short time. Work together for a while and see what develops. You;re both adults. And truthfully, Lana, this could just be a rebound so take it slow and easy.

    Also, I got the email just fine and for the first time in quite a while, I only received one email. Usually, I have been getting at least four. So this is a major improvement.

  10. I agree with Diana M. It could be a rebound. Take things slow and if more feelings show, then take a chance. Try and keep the store and personal separate.
    I got the email and it looks great.

    1. Lana,
      Take some time and if the attraction keeps growing go for it, but meanwhile play the field.
      You’ll know if it is time.
      I received your email and it looks fine.

  11. I’ve been told that the best relationships evolve from friendships. So I’m with everyone who said to slow your roll and just work together, get to know each other, and take it slow. You and Aiden will each know when/if it’s time to change your status.

    Oh, and ladies (and gents) got the new newsletter just fine and only one instead of two today! YAY progress!!

  12. I got the email. Lana, flirting is one thing. But sex and relationship are complications when work is also in the mix. Besides I read Aidens interview and I don’t think he’s ready to give up his single status yet.

    1. The email looks great.

      I agree with Aiden. It best not to mix in your house.

  13. Blah!!!! Several years ago, I had a mild flirtation that led to tipsy kissing in the parking lot to a full fledged affair with a guy I worked with. Being adults, we were mature enough to let work be work and the affair be after hours. Keep communication open and see what happens!! Don’t let things get too serious but have fun, everyone needs to let loose no and then
    And yes I got my newsletter just fine

  14. I got your email just fine – I must say that just like you, I’m torn between my heart and my head. However, if Aiden isn’t willing to take a chance then theres not a lot to be said. I don’t think just sex is enough of a reason to try but maybe just go on a date (only! – no sex at all!!) and see how you both feel when there isn’t another agenda???

    Good luck!

  15. Alexis; email looks good.

    Lana; Aiden sounds Hot As Fuck and very Flirtatious (interview..Holy Shit!). Take it slow with this one because this “lover of women” could very easily break your heart..

    Then we would have to kick some Ass..

    Just sayin..

  16. I received my Email…Only ONCE! Yay!

    Okay, Okay…
    You & Aiden are Definitely Adults…
    And Sooo are ALL the other authors & support personnel on the NLA Team, So IF (yes, a Big IF!) you GO for IT RoMANtically & Something goes South… Suck it UP Buttercup & MoveOn like the Grown @$$ Adults YOU are!!!
    There’s NO NEED for Pick’n & Choos’n Sides, No NEED for HARD Feel’ns! Cuz sometimes things WORK, & SomeTimes… They Simply DON’T!
    And that’s okay…
    But here’s what’s Important to Remember… EACH Relationship in your Life, whether a Success or a Failure, will Teach you Something! We just NEED to open OurSelves (Eyes, Hearts, Ears, ect) to those Lessons! WHO knows~ they may be the MOST Important things we learn in our Lives!

    Now, I’m NOT saying Lana & Aiden should GO for IT… Cuz that’s a TWO person Decision, but don’t let Fear be in the Driver’s SEAT. If nothing else, you’ll get fuel for a few books outta a couple of dates!
    There’s also NOTHING wrong with just lett’n things Percolate for a while…
    Lord knows the Tension JUST makes IT Ohhh Sooo Much Sweeter IN the END! Am I RIGHT…

  17. So there are so many euphemisms for this scenario. Don’t dip your pen in company’s ink; don’t shit where you eat; etc, etc, etc. Lana, why do you think think there are so many of these. Hello, it doesn’t work – that’s why. Don’t even have a fling. It sucks having to see and deal with Aiden if it doesn’t work. He is so correct about it. It would be just a fling to him. He is not ready for more. Just don’t go there. Yes, there is mutual attraction but that would be all. You’re not ready either. Sweetheart, its time for you to have fun WITH OTHER MEN!!! Not Aiden. You haven’t been divorced that long. Just enjoy yourself; just not with him. So as Diana M. states “let common sense prevail”. Amen sista.

  18. Hey I got the newsletter. it looks gret

  19. Got one newsletter, looks great

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