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The Big, Dirty Aiden Forbes Interview

Hello Angels, Lana here… and today I’m interviewing the man I’m going to call the bad boy of romance. He’s perhaps the naughtiest Angels around, haha, though he will of course be like, hey, I’m a dude.

But yeah Dark Angel can be the judge of who’s an angel, and who’s a bad boy, right?

That’s right haha!

Real quick wanna let you know that Alicia Vs. Billionaire has been added to Angel Access today babes.

Now, to the interview!

So, Aiden… first let’s take our questions from the comments in the blog, eh?

Aiden Forbes: Sounds good. Lemme at ‘em.

Lana Angel: Sure thing. Margaret Herman wants to know why you became a sexy romance writer and if you write from experience. Which… quite the question considering today’s release.

Aiden: Yeah, I won’t give anything away about Mad Love but only one thing from that particular book comes close to anything in real life. Dare you to guess which thing.

Lana: Wow.

Aiden: So I did choose to become a sexy romance writer because I’m a lover of women. I love what they love. I love pleasing them. And basically I know too damn much not to do something with all of this. I’m not much into writing tell-alls, more like cum-alls. Cum one, cum all ladies… I do my best, you know?

Lana: And to think Alexis and the gals weren’t sure if we should let men in. LOL I’m all for it now. But yeah you’re definitely a man who gets quite a bit around. Why not expand your reach to all the Angels who read your books?

Aiden: Exactly. I also really love writing. I like to go to a bar and be that guy who’s on my phone, except I’m anchoring my thoughts in a good scotch. Plus wherever the night goes can lead to more inspiration.

Lana: Plus, you have told some dark stories. I like dark romance, too, so let’s have more on the store for sure. More reader questions – Ramona, yes, more books are coming as evidenced in today’s Mad Love release 😉 Another question, Ren wants to know if you have another job and what are your inspirations in life?

Aiden: Yes, I’m happy to get more books on the store. I don’t know if the Angels realize or not that there are so many books kind of waiting to be published here on the store. I am really grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity, but it is amazing to think just how many stories are coming. Some new, some former, some mine, some authors Angels know about… and some more. But I’ll stop being coy with that. So my inspiration in life. In writing. Women. I love them. I love LOVE too. Wild, obsessive, can’t get enough.

Think about this Angels. When was the last time you couldn’t get someone out of your head? The last time everywhere you went, you were reminded of him… and it didn’t piss you off, either. It didn’t make you sad. Scared, maybe–how much power does a man have over you when you can’t even walk down the fucking street without thinking his name?

Superficially, fuck. Love is an obsession. It’s why we read about it. Write about it. Chase it across the fucking country and back. We listen to love songs on the radio. The commercials and billboards and greeting card companies use it to sell you shit you never wanted and don’t even need…

But love–real love–it’s not anything you’re going to find in a greeting card. It’s something you find when you’re spreading your knees for a man because you know that if you don’t spread them, he’ll spread them for you. It’s laying back and not thinking about anything but all that fucking pleasure, baby. The heat of his mouth and how fucking wet you are while you moan his name…

And then you remember why you can’t get his name off your lips the next day when you’re walking down the street.

That’s why I write. My inspiration is in those thoughts, those moments.

And as for other jobs. I’ve actually posed for some romance novel stock photos but I signed contracts that mean I can’t say which.

Lana: Wow, Aiden, you big fucking tease!

Aiden: You have no idea.

Lana: I got your newsletters. In fact I remember some people saying you were too dirty to be emailing readers things like that.

Aiden: What do you think Lana?

Lana: I think I’m the one interviewing you.

Aiden: I think you’re blushing.

Lana: Well-behaved men rarely get my attention.

Aiden: That’s true, now huh? I’ve been reading the blog. Have you texted Mr. Stalker or are you too busy writing about stalkers?

Lana: Aiden! I am the one interviewing you. Haha but actually I texted and either he’s really busy or I got the brush off.

Aiden: Uncool. Though maybe he’s playing it cool. Like something I had planned to send in a newsletter before I hit the bricks on that for a while. But when a babe wants it, we can tell. I’ve seen girls like you before in a store or a deli, and you may think there’s nothing special there. It’s a Tuesday night and she’s grabbing something quick to eat on her way home from a long day at the office. Hair a mess. The lipstick of the day just a ghost. Little hint of red on her full, pretty lips. Looking rumpled and tired and overworked.

Then when a guy like me walks into the deli…Fuck. Could practically see this one girl’s heartbeat start racing beneath that thin little blouse she’s wearing.

Suddenly, that girl’s not stressing about work anymore.

She’s wondering if I can tell that the bra she’s wearing beneath her white blouse is rose fucking red.

She’s thinking about how it would feel if I kissed the rest of that lipstick off her lips.

She’s breathing me in, smelling my cologne, trying to remember the last time she was so close to a man and, fuck, do all men smell this good or is it just something about me…?

I’m an asshole. I pay for her sandwich while I grab a coffee and tell her to have a good night.

And the way she looked at me as I walked away…

Sometimes, ladies, when you want it–we can tell.

But if you guys had even a little flirting, why the hell wouldn’t he text you back?

Lana: Yeah there’s a question I’d ask but honestly I’ll move on.

Aiden: Oh?

Lana: This interview has gone on so long.

Aiden: Yeah. I know that Callie’s coming online to answer some questions tonight, I can do the same if we missed any?

Lana: Sounds good. Just one more – guilty pleasures and pet peeves from Tammy. What are yours?

Aiden: Right now my pet peeve is guys who don’t text you back. Also guys who won’t lay off when they have no charm… so take from that what you will. Also I want to say I have no guilty pleasures but I do have one. It’s not so bad.

Lana: Tell us!

Aiden: Ruby red grapefruits covered in honey with a sprinkling of goat cheese.

Lana: I’d say that’s weird but actually it’s a pretty good snack.

Aiden: Yeah. So I’ll get more questions this week as I see them in the comments. Sounds good?

Lana:  Definitely! Thanks for being interviewed on NAP! Angels, you heard Aiden. He’s a genuine lover of women. Do you love his books? Also so many Angels have followed @naughtyangelbooks on Instagram, thank you. By request I’ve created a Twitter – @BooksNaughty – if you want to follow. The new ARC team is going to need an Instagram account Angels… so be on the lookout!!!


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  2. Thanks for trying to answer Aiden and looking forward for your works…

  3. Did it suddenly get hot in here?! 😏

  4. Great interview. Really looking forward to hearing more from Aiden and definitely looking for more books 🙂

    Also looking forward to hearing more about the AH Stalker who is being a jerk.

  5. The guys can be Angels, too! Michael & Gabriel are 2 major Angels mentioned thru the bible, so there’s no need to not be Angels due to any gender differences. Female, Male, NB, etc. EVERYONE can be Angels!! 💜🙎🏻‍♂️🙍🏻‍♀️🏳️‍🌈🚻🚹

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