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Accidentally in the spirit!

OMG so I have so many amazing things I want to tell you about the pitch meeting the store authors had yesterday, but oh god!!!

You won’t believe what I did!!!

So I am a natural blonde, but like the shade of my hair isn’t as light as I like, I like to go more platinum every once in a while and really get my barbie vibes going strong lol!!!

But because the scalp is the hottest part when dyeing your hair and that makes the color more intense, if you go like super blonde, that means that part’s bleached almost like, white.

I got my hair redone about a week ago, been doing stuff to it to keep in well-conditioned, etcetera, and my hair’s all shiny and nice.

And then after the meeting last night it was really cold so I was like the building’s hot tub is open year round, let’s get in.

And I had this sample from Ulta of a detoxing shampoo I wanted to use afterward, it’s from Drybar and I’m sure it’s great… but it has charcoal in it.

Charcoal is BLACK AS NIGHT, Angels, and they told me that because the hair on my scalp is “lifted” more aka lighter than the rest of my hair, it essentially has like no pigment.

Which means that it will easily grab pigment.

I didn’t think anything about it, I figured that I would clarify and detoxify from chlorinated water and that would be that, but nope.

After several scrubs and treatments and all this stuff, my hairstylist says the only way to get rid of my like BLACK roots is to have them bleach it there. Which is crazy.

I figured I’ll just be like a sexy witch for halloween this year and then get my hair fixed.

I mean I don’t really have the complexion for black hair and it looks pretty weird but lol it’s kinda like I’m just celebrating Halloween.

Or maybe it’s because I’m reading over some outlines the authors made for the books they’re submitting for the store for the rest of the year and I’m just excited and don’t care as much about my hair LOL!

But I do have a big Halloween party to get ready for and I just realized I spent this whole time telling you about my hair, so pretty soon we’ll have all the authors come and tell you about some books that they’ll be releasing on the store soon and yeah. lol. I’ll tell you what crazy shit I manage to get myself into.

Who’s ready for Halloween Angels?

Tell me your costume!!!

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  1. Hey Alexis, I’m just getting around to reading the blogs and saw this post. You should look into L’ange hair care products. They have a shampoo specifically for blondes (I am a brunette so I can’t testify to this particular product but I use many others and love them all, plus they have a lot of blonde bloggers posting about it as well). Here’s the link, or you can go to and if you don’t trust the link.

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