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AA Discount Fixed – So 4th Box is On Sale Again, too!

Hey Angels,

I’m so proud of Alexis, she went to be like so late after us talking and she got up with me this morning still at 6:30AM PST! That’s so early for Alexis, there was a time when she’d just still be up haha!

Anyhow she is because we figured out the issue with why people weren’t able to get Uptown Girl and Choose Love (box set) free in Angel Access like they were supposed to.

Turns out that the issue we had – and it is the same issue that we had with the 4th of July Box Set but with everything going on, it took Alexis a sec to remember – is that if you have a book for sale based on the way the internal working on the store backend is, it doesn’t let you do the right discount for Angel Access. Even if you make the percentage higher.

So, the prices will go up but right now it is set as their actual price (99 cents for Uptown girl today, $2.99 for Choose Love box set, and because the sale got cut short on Filthy Freedom, we went ahead and made it $2.99 too.)

Thanks for bearing with us babes.

I missed u all! I was visiting my mom.

I have something a little crazy to share later.

I’ll just say… Winebar and Paris.


I hope you guys still love me after this.

Also, I’m going out to buy a test with Alexis.  The test… make sure you read her blog post from last night…

4 thoughts on “AA Discount Fixed – So 4th Box is On Sale Again, too!

  1. Glad you are living your life the way you want. Spending time with your mom is precious. My mom died in my dad’s arms on August 10, 1998 in front of me. I still miss her today. Too many times I think of something I want to tell her and can’t. I talk to her all the time but no answer comes my way.

  2. What ever happens make sure your happy and everyone is on board! (IT guy)! Good luck and tell wine bar you’ll meet him and show up with IT guy in your arm! Show him your happy and don’t need the drama! Tell him to save the drama for his momma! God bless you and your hard chouce.

  3. You didn’t do what I think you did, when you mention Winebar and Paris?

  4. Waiting for results. Winebar and Paris oh no

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