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A Twist In The Tale

Hey there Angels!

Wow your comments and emails yesterday were so awesome and thank you! Please keep them coming.

But I gotta warn you. Something unexpected has happened!

See, I had that whole list that I was talking about. And I even put it on my phone. So I decided to go with Joyce to this event that Community had at his school. I know I know this is really wrong but even if nothing was gonna happen I just wanted to look at Jock so I could masturbate about him later haha.

Anywyas, forget everything I said ever about Jock or Community or his brother. Because I get there and there’s a cookout going on and Jock is behind the grill with a few other dudes. I go over to say hello and he introduces me to his father.


Is so handsome.

He’s around 40. And so freaking hot.

I’m melting just looking at him. And we talk for a bit but I keep it classy because I don’t want his wife to get mad at me or anything because I mean if I was married I’d be totally protecting this man with every second I had so that no one like me could come and shake her tits at him.

I get a glass of wine with Joyce at the bar that they got going on there and I’m totally upfront and blatant and ask about Jock’s Dad. And Joyce is like “haha no girl. He’s divorced. Go for it!”

So Angels forget everything I’ve said.

Who cares about Jock. I want his dad.

And I’m going to seduce his dad. That’s the end of it.

I can’t tell you how long I talked to him. I purposefully didn’t ask for his phone number or anything. I just left it really open.

“How do you know Jock?” his dad asked me at one point.

“A lot of guys just want to know me, but I live next to his friend.”

“I’ll bet they want to know you.”

I just laughed when he asked…

“Would you like some meat?”

“Yes please I’d love some.”

And then he put a burger on my plate.

“What would you like with it?”


I got that line from Alexis and one of her books. I think Wicked Lil’ Brat. I hate mayo. I don’t eat mayo ever.

But I was super happy to slather it on my burger and put it on my face.

“You got some mayo on your chin,” he said sitting next to me.

“Why don’t you get it? My hands are greasy.”

And then his fingers touched my face.

I can’t tell you how many times I came thinking about it that night when I was all on my own.

Mainly because I lost count.

But I’m going to seduce this man.

Tell me your thoughts Angels!

Also share with me your thoughts on seducing guys and what it was like when you seduced a guy. Send emails to and Alexis will publish a few stories as soon as we get them!

6 thoughts on “A Twist In The Tale

  1. Go for it. I married a man that is older than I am. This past Jan. It was 45 years ago we got marriec

  2. Most excellent! Enjoy😘

  3. Lol. I didn’t think anything was wrong with hooking up with the son, but I love this twist. Go for it.

  4. You do know Jock isn’t going to take it well when he finds out, but the guy is single, so I do think you’re better off with him. Hopefully Jock will find someone to swim with when he finds out you’re not interested. Although I do have a scene in my head where Jock Sr and Jock Jr fuck you senseless together! You know, like a taboo treat…

  5. Go for it. Jock might not be real crazy about you seeing his Dad, but will get over it if it means he gets to see you too.

  6. Do the Dad! Do the Dad!! He at least knows his way around a woman. Are you going to have the same “list of rules” for him? The dad would appreciate your experience and proclivities where as Jock might get overwhelmed? Do you really want to have to train Jock? The Dad sounds yummy and ready to play!

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